Enjoy a glimpse into the 2017 retreat experience in this 2 minute video! 

Kristen’s Magic in the Tetons Retreat was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Kristen put so much thought into planning this retreat and you can tell how special the Tetons are to her! She planned outings to all of the iconic shooting destinations in the park, making sure to time it so that we got there early to set up a good shooting spot. She was incredibly helpful with anyone who needed help and left those alone to shoot who were fine on their own. In addition to the iconic locations there was also a lot of time to stop anywhere that looked interesting and shoot. The time on the last day gathered in a conference room going over editing of our images was so helpful! The location and set up of our cabins at Dornan’s was perfection. We bonded as a group and the time in the evening gathered in Kristen’s cabin chatting, laughing and sharing stories about our lives was so special. If I could do this retreat every single year I would!!
— Kathy Linford
I thoroughly enjoyed, “Magic in the Tetons”. The opportunities to learn, grown and connect with other photographer women exceeded my expectations. I cannot say enough about how positive this retreat experience was! From the beginning to the end of the retreat I was able to immerse myself in the full experience of landscape photography and I completely enjoyed every moment of the retreat! The scenery was breathtaking and the opportunity to capture the gorgeous landscape of the Tetons was plentiful. This retreat will undoubtedly go down as one of my favourite landscape photography experiences.
— Gina Yeo
“I attended the Magic in the Tetons Retreat in 2017 and it was one of those life-changing experiences that I will never forget!  We were able to cover a lot of incredible photography ground, including the breath-taking night sky, the jaw-dropping magic of Grand Teton National Park, and many scenic and beautiful surprises in between.  Kristen’s knowledge of landscape photography and the area is immediately apparent, and she organized our locations and times perfectly.  Besides the great photography experience I had, I also can’t say enough about the great group of women that I met and had the pleasure of sharing such a unique adventure with.  I feel that this experience definitely upped my game, and my passion, for landscape photography!”
— Laura Gampfer
The Magic in the Tetons retreat with Kristen Ryan was a truly amazing experience. After taking Kristen’s class “ The World Around You”, I was blown away by the technical knowledge it takes to capture stunning landscapes, and went in to the retreat quite intimidated. I could never have predicted the astounding amount of hands on knowledge that I would attain. I learned to shoot the stars, mastered focusing to infinity, learned tips and tricks to plan for ideal shooting conditions, learned interesting composition ideas, improved my post processing in our morning seminar, and made 9 new life long friends. Kristen’s familiarity with this area, led us to shoot in ideal locations and conditions. She always knew when the crowds of photographers would arrive, and we were always out ahead of them with perfect vantage points. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone because this retreat was indeed magical.
— Melissa Anderson