What the 2018 Retreat Participants have to say about their experience…..

Magic in the Tetons ladies 2018.jpg

The Magic in the Tetons retreat is an experience I will treasure forever. Kristen is an extremely gifted teacher, who takes the time to get to know all of her students and prepare for their particular wishes and needs in advance. Each woman gets a totally customized workshop that helps her to push to the next level of landscape photography and create images that feed her soul. I came home from the workshop with not only thousands of pictures that I am extraordinarily proud of, but also memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. The camaraderie that I experienced by standing outside in one of the most beautiful places on earth with other like-minded women is just as valuable to me as the instruction and guidance I received, if not more so. If you have an opportunity to sign up for this retreat, do so immediately. I sincerely hope to repeat it one day in the near future! - Megan

I participated in the September 2018 Magic in the Tetons Retreat with Kristen Ryan and it was a life-changing experience.  I was blown away by the level of commitment and genuine passion shared by Kristen.  The communication throughout was outstanding.  It started months in advance with introductions, packing lists, and gear recommendations.  Throughout the retreat Kristen was constantly ensuring that everyone was comfortable, and getting whatever support was needed. She has an amazing depth of knowledge with equipment, locations, set-up, shooting, and editing and was quick to address any questions or concerns.  And the whole experience was just a lot of fun.  Our days there flew by with a lot of laughs and I walked away with new friends, new skills and confidence, and a lot of great images.  Kristen has a magical way of sharing a place that is special to her with the rest of us.  I can't wait to do another retreat with her. - Debbie

Magic in the Tetons did not disappoint! Kristen puts so much energy into making it not only a very informative trip but also fun and inspirational! She made sure we had every opportunity to learn long exposures, using filters, time lapse,and Milky Way to name a few. She encourages us to ask questions and was always available. One of my favorite parts was getting to know the other ladies on the trip who also love landscape photography! Be ready to grow and be inspired!! - Renee

I signed up for Kristen's Magic in the Tetons retreat almost on a whim. I knew of the retreat from past participants but didn't seriously thought of going because I'm introvert. That change of mind on a whim was the best thing for me. I knew being around like minded, outdoor loving photographers would overtake my hesitation around strangers. Everyone there have the same passion which makes it so easy. I also lucked out by having a great roommate for the retreat. Kristen is so readily present before, during, and after the retreat for our inquiries. Kristen's excitement rubs off on you from the minute you sign up. She opens up a FB group for the retreat's attendees and you get to start chatting and knowing your fellow photographers many months before the retreat. During the retreat, she and her wonderful assistant, Gina, are always happily helping out anyone who needed it. She gives you space if you don't need as much guidance and encourages you to wander from the group for various compositions. I made a request to go photograph aspen trees and she accommodated! This is my first retreat of any kind, but I don't know if other retreats offer the amount of attention afterwards as does Kristen's. She has live webinars to show post processing techniques.  The FB group remains open for any questions and for the group to keep in touch.  Kristen's love of the Tetons is well known and that passion permeates through her teaching.  - Mabel