Serenity ~ Abstract Nature

This month creeped up on us in our Serenity Project Blog Circle. With the holidays at the end of December, this month flew by. With the holidays comes lots of chaos and craziness. So many special moments and memories but also so many tasks and things on the calendar and to-do list. Our holiday craziness is always compounded by having my birthday right after Christmas and my twins’ birthday shortly after the new year. With everything going on, I have done very little shooting recently. Though I am craving nature, longing for the beauty of snow, mountains, and magical light. The busy days make me crave those moments of ‘serenity’ where I am out with my camera and tripod and completely absorbed in the moment of Mother Nature’s magic I am preserving with that click of the shutter.

This year we added a ski trip to our winter break and drove up to Michigan with several other families. And while we were there, I played a bit with vertical panning of the trees. There is something about the abstract nature of these images that I find dreamy and soothing. The more I experiment with this technique, the more I love it.

Wintry Panning.jpg
Snowy Panning _.jpg
Ski Trip  Panning _.jpg
Snowy Panning 2.jpg
Wintry Panning wide_.jpg

Please continue the circle to enjoy the serene views of my talented friends. First, click over to Iris Nelson, Metro Phoenix Photographer, and see what she has shared with us this month.