SEPTEMBER 25-28, 2019  

Grand Teton National Park is one of the most spectacular and awe inspiring landscapes in the world. These rocky peaks rise majestically above the floor of the Jackson Hole Valley and will take your breath away with their beauty. There is endless inspiration for photographers in this amazing corner of northwest Wyoming. In late September, fall foliage will be lit with vivid colors and quite often the peaks will be topped with the seasonal changing snow. 

The Tetons have held my heart since I was a young girl. As the story has been told to me, at the age of 4, I held up my arms and declared them "My Mountains".  Come spend 3 days with me in this amazing place as I lead you to some of the iconic can't miss spots in the valley as well as a few personal favorites. 

The tuition includes 4 nights of, lodging, snacks and water during our 4 days of the workshop. We will be sharing cabins at Dornan's, which will enhance the retreat feel of this workshop, but participants should be prepared to share space with others. Meals are not included and will be up to participants to purchase during our time together. While eating together is not required it is encouraged since it will be a great time for discussion and developing friendships. Transportation is not included. Participants are responsible for travel to and from the workshop from the Jackson Hole airport. Additionally, we will carpool to locations. Depending on the number of participants, arrangements will vary. 

Included in the workshop: 

* 4 days/4 nights of photographic adventures and lodging in an amazing national park! 

* Digital information packet sent after receipt of final payment with information on what to bring and a pdf guide on shooting in Grand Teton National Park. 

* Facebook group to bring our group together before the retreat as well as after where we can continue to share our images, discuss, and give constructive critique for at least 2 weeks after the treat. 

Dates:  September 25th - Night of September 28th. Workshop will begin at 4:00 on Wednesday September 25 finishing up Saturday evening, September 28.  This will allow participants to arrive on Wednesday and have the freedom of flight choices home on Sunday, September 29th. . 

Skill Level: All skill levels welcome 

Activity Level:  Many of our locations are very close to the parking areas, which require little walking. However, participants should be prepared to walk up to several miles per day as we move around at locations. A couple shorter hikes of up to 4 miles may be optional activities one or 2 days of the workshop. 

Participants should be prepared for a vigorous schedule as we will be on location well before sunrise each morning. If conditions allow, we will also spend time shooting the landscape and stars at night.

Price:   cost includes 4 days tuition plus 4 nights lodging, water and snacks in the field, and post workshop discussion and critique. If signing up with a friend(s), a small discount may be available. Alumni discount also available. 

Deposit: A *deposit of $700 will hold your place in the workshop.  The remaining balance is due 90 days prior to the workshop*.  Deposit is non refundable unless your spot is filled, in which case it will be refunded minus an administration fee. This same policy applies to the full tuition after it is paid. 

Lodging: We will be staying at Dornan's. This location will be ideal as we will be close to Grand Teton National Park and many excellent shooting locations. We are also only 15-20 minutes from the town of Jackson and about 10 minutes from the Jackson Hole (JAC) airport. We will be staying in cabins which have rooms with a queen bed as well as a sofa bed. Participants will share cabins which also have a living area and kitchen.  Dornan's has a small grocery store, a pizza/pasta restaurant and a Chuckwagon restaurant as well. Dornan's is our home away from home and chosen not only for its fantastic location but to foster a retreat feeling of this workshop together.  Not to mention, the view. Did I mention the view?!  

Possible shooting locations include Schwabacher's Landing, Oxbow Bend, Mormon Row, Snake River Overlook, Signal Mountain, and String Lake. Specific itinerary will not be determined until the week before due to the impact of weather conditions. 

The workshop time will be heavily focused in the field but will also include a post processing discussion as well. 

Topics we will cover include but are not limited to: 

*Achieving proper exposure

*Compositions with interest and depth

*How to properly bracket exposures for the dynamic range of the scene

*How to use neutral density filters for long exposures

*How to capture and stitch together a panorama

*Capturing a variety of unique images from a single location 

*Finding the beauty in front of you no matter what the weather conditions provide

*Lens selection to create your vision 

* Lightroom

* Photoshop 

ITINERARY:  (subject to change depending on weather conditions and needs of the overall group)  Shooting sessions may be added or eliminated depending on the weather. Additionally, night landscapes and star shooting will be included if conditions permit.

Wednesday at 3:30 Meet and Greet. Then we'll head out for evening shoot. 

Thursday morning:  Head out before sunrise to one of the iconic locations. Shoot throughout the morning and break for lunch and discussion. During this discussion we will discuss our experiences shooting thus far. We will discuss what worked and evaluate what didn't work. After this discussion, we'll head back out or have some downtime depending on weather & how the group is feeling. Evening will bring more shooting. 

Friday morning: Again, head out for sunrise and shoot throughout the morning until lunchtime. After lunch we will again take a break to allow participants some freetime to regroup if they desire. 

Saturday morning: Up early for shooting again until lunchtime.  Then we will spend time with image review and post processing discussion. Workshop will conclude with dinner together Saturday evening in preparation for check out on Sunday.  

**clear overnight conditions may allow us to do some astrophotography. This may mean very early mornings or later evenings combined with early mornings. 

Participants should be prepared to be flexible in the schedule. Weather and photographic conditions will dictate our schedule for shooting, discussion, meals and even sleep. We will take advantage of getting out in the field as much as possible while still providing time for meaningful connection, discussion and meals together.  Weather in the Tetons varies greatly and the forecast can change on a dime. Therefore the itinerary remains flexible and TBD until very close to the retreat and even may change as we go. 

** Kristen Ryan Photography is an authorized CUA permit holder of the National Park Service and will conduct my workshop based on the permit's guidelines. 

Sunrise captured on Saturday, September 30th during the 2017 Magic in the Tetons Retreat

Sunrise captured on Saturday, September 30th during the 2017 Magic in the Tetons Retreat